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Lisa Olson
Genius Empowered Teams

Little did I know that my first job out of school would shape my perspective on business and life forever. From day one, FedEx immersed me in a philosophy of People ➔ Service ➔ Profit, a culture that prioritized people above all else.

Whether it was serving customers or collaborating with colleagues or clients to overcome challenges, the importance of human connection was ingrained in every aspect of the company’s operations.

FedEx didn’t just deliver packages; it delivered experiences. Providing exceptional service wasn’t just about meeting expectations; it was about exceeding them. 

During my tenure at FedEx, I achieved the “Top 10% Superior Performance in the Call Center Operations Division Award”, a division that held 16 call centers around the nation, staffed with more than 120 agents each.

I left FedEx to build large and small call centers throughout the Chicagoland area for Advanced Telecommunications, Inc. Later, I worked for or consulted with Wolter’s Kluwer, AT&T, Discover Financial, Home Depot, Planet Fitness, and others, always carrying the principles of People ➔ Service ➔ Profit with me.

I have worked with incredible teams that seemed to have a genius, symbiotic quality to them, and also challenging and disappointing teams, that brought home valuable lessons about corporate culture and workplace dynamics. 

Now, more than ever, I am passionate about guiding individuals and teams by empowering them with insight into their strengths and frustrations, and how to lean into their strengths more often.

My mission is to guide your business and personal success, giving insights backed by research, to unlock your full potential, optimize your productivity, and create a foundation for long-term growth.

Let’s embark on this journey together and unleash your genius!